Please complete the appropriate form as directed by your Life Change Associates provider to assist with your diagnostic and treatment services by clicking on the link below. You may also check in to the Patient Portal to review your notes, records and lab results once you have been issued a username and password.

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Established Patients

Successful treatment hinges on many elements but none more important than the communication process which allows for an exchange of information to guide treatment decisions. Patients returning to see Dr. Ravsten for a follow-up appointment can expect the following questions:

  • What improvement has occured with the disorder as a whole or with specific symptoms since your last visit?
  • What concerns or problems need to be addressed during todays visit?
  • Are you keeping track of the names and dosages of the medications prescribed to you?
  • How often do you miss or forget to take prescribed medications?
  • Are you having any physical, psychological or emotional changes that might be side effects?

Additionally, Dr. Ravsten will perform a focused symptom-based exam to complement the PHQ (Patient Health Questionnaire) that you are asked to complete prior to each appointment in order to more accurately gauge the level of illness in recent weeks and the associated disability.


Medication appointments

  • Follow up clinic visits with Dr. Ravsten are for medication management purposes unless arrangements have been made for therapy sessions

Integrated Psychotherapy

  • Dr. Ravsten relies heavily on evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Solution-Focused, Mindfulness training and Psychoeducation approaches to compliment medication management of mental health and substance use disorders

  • Speak with Dr. Ravsten about seeing a therapist in his office for integrated medication and therapy services based on a collaboratively developed formulation of your case


  • Need to be requested at the time of the office visit

  • Are sent electronically to your pharmacy unless they are controlled substances

  • Are provided in sufficient supply to last a minimum of 2 weeks beyond the next recommended clinic visit

  • Of controlled substances are made only during the clinic visit unless other arrangements have been made with Dr. Ravsten or your medication provider

Acute Hospitalization and Crisis Numbers

  • Acute inpatient stabilization, medication adjustment and brief therapy is available through the Behavioral Health Units at Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello and Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls in an effort to stabilize immediate risk to self or others.

  • Portneuf Behavioral Health Unit can be reached at 239-1000 and the Behavioral Health Center in Idaho Falls can be reached at 227-2260 if inpatient services are required.

  • Call 911 or go to the nearest hospital Emergency Department for emergency assessment and services

  • Pick up a Crisis Card in the office which has useful hotline and hospital numbers to use to access emergency assistance