Outlines the policy at Life Change Associates for which Telepsychiatry Services are offered.

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Establishes a formal agreement between Life Change Associates and an origination location site for the purpose of Telepsychiatry Services.

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Telepsychiatry Services

Life Change Associates offers diagnostic and medication management services via secure, encrypted real-time audio and video internet transmission.

The current distant location where providers reside for the offering of telepsychiatry services is from the Life Change Associates office in Pocatello.  Origination sites (where the patient goes to receive services) for medication management and psychotherapy services include:

Idaho Falls - 730 S. Woodruff Ave (inside the Sterling Urgent Care clinic)

Burley - 1404 Pomerelle Ave #150, Burley, ID 83318 (inside the Sterling Urgent Care clinic)

Blackfoot - 1441 Parkway Dr. (inside the Portneuf Medical Center's Specialty Clinics office)

Why use Telepsychiatry Services?

Given the relative lack of psychiatrists and other skilled mental health providers in parts of Eastern Idaho, not to mention the difficulties that distance, transportation and weather can play, telepsychiatry services can help bridge these barriers to provide much needed psychiatric and mental health services.

Who can access Telepsychiatry Services at Life Change Associates?

Any health care office or facility that is willing to partner with Dr. Ravsten and Life Change Associates by committing to the clinical, administrative and technical needs of this service can have access to this service. For a copy of the Telepsychiatry Policy at Life Change Associates click on the POLICY link on the left side of this page.

What does a facility need to do to become an orgination site partner with Life Change Associates for Telepsychiatry Services?

Simply download, review and complete a copy of the Consulting Agreement for Telepsychiatry Services by clicking the AGREEMENT link.